Student Leadership

Club Offices:

Vice President- Assists the president in leadership. The Vice President automatically becomes the President the next year, so this position is a two-year commitment. 
Secretary- Takes notes during club meetings and e-mails out assignments to presidency members
Treasurer- Handles the club money and accounts, oversees fundraising events
Club Recruitment Officer- Makes flyers for club activities and finds ways to make the club attractive for new members
Web Page Designer- In charge of updating our club website, as well as the Facebook group. This position does not require you to have a strong background in web page design. The site that is set up for us is straightforward and easy to edit.
Student Council Rep- Participates in the Life Sciences Student Council (meets Wednesdays at 4pm Fall/Winter) and keeps us involved in college events

-Interested in Environmental Issues and having fun
-GPA 2.5 or higher
-Able to attend club meetings on Fridays at 8 am both fall and winter semesters 2014-2015 (there is a 1 credit class you sign up for-- yes, you get a grade for club presidency participation!)